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Who I am
I’m David McGillivray, and Studio DMCG Inc is my design practice. I’m a Creative Director and Designer based in New York, and have spent the last thirteen years helping to bring brands to life through strategic design.
What I Do
My real value comes from years of hands-on experience at a Creative Director level, both leading design in-house, and working independently with startups; uniquely positioning me to provide the kind of holistic design solutions that are typically expected to require a larger design firm.

I work directly with my clients, who normally hire me for:

→ Brand Identity Design
→ Digital Product / Web Design
→ eCommerce Design
→ Photography Direction

I work hands-on with projects, and only work with one client at a time, so that means I tend to look for larger, well-defined scopes that run for somewhere between 2—8 weeks. I’m a generalist by design, well versed in taking a founding team’s vision and helping turn that into a living breathing entity, from identity through to digital experience.
What I Charge
I work on a flat fee basis for projects, so I’ll quote you a single project price instead of an hourly rate. Most of the works showcased on this site took around 3—8 weeks to complete, and cost somewhere in the region of ~$45k—$150k. The scope of work, complexity of the problem, and a host of other influences are factored into my pricing, meaning every project is different.
Getting Started
First up, the best thing to do is shoot an email to and tell me a little bit about you and your project (including rough timelines) upfront. If you have a project in mind that you think I’d be a good fit for, let’s talk!