Hello, I’m David, an independent Digital Designer based in New York City. I’ve spent the last 8 years helping to bring startups to life through design.

I’m a generalist — well versed in taking not much more than a good idea, and helping to turn that into a living breathing thing, from end-to-end.
My approach towards design generally has two overarching themes; I like to make complexity feel easy, and digital experiences feel human.

If you’d like to talk about working on a project, just email me.
“I don't totally understand how David’s brain works, but something pretty close to actual magic comes out of it.”
Maggie Winter
“David’s style balances a thoughtful empathy for the user with the understated aesthetic of a confident artist.”
Craig Elbert
“Psychologist or designer? I’m not sure. But he manages to create amazing product designs and understands how users will respond to them.”
Zac Frank
“David’s an ecommerce visionary, unique to his field with both a strategic, customer-centric mind and an incredible aesthetic!”
Nidhi Kapur
“David and his work are truly excellent. A thought partner and creative leader I'd love to work with again.”
Adam Kalamchi
David McGillivray
David McGillivray
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Hello, I’m David. I design things for the internet.

David McGillivray
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